February 18, 2005

Sit - in Demo (22 Feb) Bombay Joint Platform against Eviction

From: "Gautam Sen"
Subject: Programme on Eviction
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:30:51 +0530

Friends and comrades,

You all know that we have been taking various programmes against Eviction without rehabilitation and for Rehabilitation for all the evictees for more than three years. We have been doing this more or less consistently. But we are far away from getting our basic demands won, though here and there some concessions and relieves have been achieved. In spite of the clear-cut declaration in the Common Minimum programme of the UPA govt (which is ratified by the Left Front) both the Central and the State govt. have been continuing their eviction programme. Recently they have announced that they are going to evict thousands of families residing at Ballygung-Tollygung railway side jhupris in the first week of March, 2005. It may be added that the local jhupri residents are doing their best to continue and develop the resistance movement.

In this situation we are calling all concern citizens and organisations to join hands to strengthen the anti-eviction movement, in general and the ensuing railway colony eviction, in particular.

We also invite you to participate in the following programme toawrds the same.

14 February, 2005

Joint Platform against Eviction

Sit-in Demonstration at Hazra Crossing

(The concern citizens along with the evicted and would-be-evicted persons will be present)

22 February, 2005 3 pm to 9 pm

Documentation films on the agony and protest of the affected people in Tolly Nullah, Beleghata and Rabindra Sarovar will also be shown.

Contact: 2465 2507, 94331 30349